We are an organisation designed to accompany and support polo projects around the world, providing the guidance and expertise needed to put together events of the highest quality.
Minuto Siete was founded in 2008 by Manu Cereceda and Daniel Padín, in 2011 Manu Cereceda took the helm of the company as global director.
Currently M7 offers services in consultancy and management in relation to polo and its lifestyle, giving you the chance to experience the sport in all its glory.


Our dedicated team have everything it takes to put together the most successful and unique sporting and social events.
Minuto Siete has organised tournaments and presentations in places like France,
Switzerland, Italy, Thailand, and Argentina, among others.
Our events reflect our talent, enthusiasm and professionalism.
We work alongside outstanding press and media to spread the word in an effective, original manner.

Horse Rental

Minuto Siete provides everything you need for the ultimate polo experience. In terms of horses, our Horse Rental service is always available, regardless of the level of polo you deal with; we have horses suitable for both amateur and professional players.

Polo Management

We offer services relating to every aspect of the development of a polo season, executing everything with the highest standards: service, dedication, management, marketing, and infrastructure. We boast experience and have the confidence that comes with having successfully organised seasons internationally. We work hard to improve our service year on year. We work closely with the most prestigious polo professionals and relevant media outlets, guaranteeing nothing but the best.

Player Agent

We also offer to recruit professional players should they be needed in the development of a specific tournament or throughout the season. We have an extremely capable and professional team on hand, both on and off the field.

Contact Us

Asia: +68 88 520 2265
Francia: +33 6 18 76 63 69
Argentina: +54 9 221 501 8066